Thursdays, October 19- November 16

Registration is open to the community. Cost is $20 for one class and $30 for two classes. Advance registration preferred through the synagogue office or on our website
Open Library • 6:30 - 7 pm with Dr. R. Raphael “Rafi” Simon, Librarian.  View the flier.

7 pm Class Selections:

The Ethical Life: Jewish Values in an Age of Choice with Rabbi Hal Rudin-Luria:  Judaism has a long history of wrestling with moral questions, responding to them in a way that considers all sides of an issue. We will delve into the sources that helped shape our Jewish moral foundation and inform our decisions about the critical questions of modern life. For returning attendees, we will explore different topics than those covered last year.

Adult B’nai Mitzvah with Cantor Aaron Shifman:  Students will learn to daven the Shabbat morning service and chant from the Torah and Haftorah. The class continues meeting throughout the year and culminates during Sukkot 2018 with the students leading the festival service at their B’nai Mitzvah. Contact Cantor Shifman prior to class; class size is limited.

Tzadikim: Voices of our Jewish “Saints” with Oudi Singer:  Through history, writings and fables, we will explore the life, legacy and teachings of Jewish “Saints” spanning from Talmudic
rabbis to Chasidic masters.

Jewish Clay Art with Marjorie Falk:  If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at clay, now is the time. Learn the ancient art of ceramics while you acquire hand building techniques to create objects to be used in your Jewish family rituals. There is an extra $20 materials fee for this class.

8 pm Class Selections:

The Origin of Jewish Customs with Rabbi Josh Foster:  Have you ever wondered why we do what we do? When and why did Jews start breaking a glass under the chuppah, start hiding the afikomen at the seder, or start studying all night on Shavuot? There are so many things we do because, well, that’s what we’ve always done. Together, we will explore the reasons and the origins of many of our most ingrained rituals; make sure to bring your own questions!

Worth the Long Read: Zionism in the Most Surprising of Places with Debbie & Jerry Isaak-Shapiro:  There are many obvious books about Zionism, but there’s one, written in 1876 by an English Victorian novelist, that we both count as one of the most profoundly impactful Zionist books either of us have ever read. George Eliot’s Daniel Deronda is a Jewish coming-of-age story, one in which the protagonist becomes part of the movement to re-create a Jewish homeland. We are excited to share our enthusiasm for this surprisingly Jewish novel, and will explore Eliot’s work through psychological, literary, historical and political lenses. Books will not be provided; we recommend familiarizing yourself with the book prior to attending the class.

Is Anger Ever the Best Option? Through Rabbinic and Personal Lenses, An Exploration of a Challenging Emotion with Rabbi Jonathan Berger:  Anger can be destructive; it can hurt individuals and shatter relationships. From a Jewish perspective, is there a proper place for anger? We will look at some complicated stories from Tanakh, a provocative passage from the Talmud, and a powerful selection of Rambam’s writing to explore these questions. Through our encounters with these texts, guided by our own feelings and stories, we will learn, reflect, and grow.

Grandparenting Interfaith Grandchildren with Rabbi Melinda Mersack:  This workshop provides a safe, confidential space for people to share their family’s experiences and learn skills to navigate family relationships in the context of multiple faith traditions and backgrounds. Designed for those whose adult children or grandchildren are in interfaith relationships, the goal of the workshop is to strengthen the individual family unit by offering support and resources. Co-facilitated by a rabbi from B’nai Jeshurun. Class will not meet on November 2nd.  This class is FREE.