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Linden Family Courtyard Rejuvenation

Linden Family Courtyard 

On Thursday, September 18th, 2014 congregants, friends and community members gathered for the dedication and ribbon cutting of the renovated and rejuvenated Linden Family Courtyard. This transformation was made possible by the tremendous generosity of our congregation and friends. Watch a video of the transformation from Ribbon Cutting to Dedication. You can also view photos of the Dedication and photos of the entire project

Dedicate a Paver

Although the initial dedications have already been installed, we will accept dedications for additional pavers through May 31, 2022, to be dedicated on August 26, 2022.  (New paver dedications will be installed on an annual basis.)

Our paver campaign provides a lasting way to:

  • Honor a family member or friend
  • Pay tribute to a loved one
  • Recognize a special event, such as a wedding, b’nai mitzvah or milestone birthday

Order a paver.

In May 1980, B'nai Jeshurun moved from our previous home in Cleveland Heights to our new home in Pepper Pike. The ten mile walk from the old building on Mayfield Road to our new home with the Sefrei Torah was one of jubilation and pride.

Just as the Torah was brought into the synagogue then, congregants, friends, loved ones and guests have entered B’nai Jeshurun through Linden Ceremonial Courtyard for the past 41 years. B’nai Jeshurun is looking toward the future as we embark on the First Impressions, Lasting Connections Campaign, adding beauty, functionality and community space to this gateway into our congregational home.

First impressions matter. As referenced in our mission statement and exemplified by our clergy, lay leadership and congregants, B’nai Jeshurun is “a warm and dynamic community.” The grounds and entrance to a synagogue set the tone for the values, people and programs within. The renovated space, featuring numerous gathering spaces, tranquil gardens, a sculptural fountain, an outdoor chapel and a sheltering canopy will demonstrate the congregation’s commitment to welcoming all who wish to worship, learn, celebrate and gather.

The renovated Linden Family Courtyard includes:

  • A beautifully landscaped 7,500 sq ft Plaza including Friedman Chapel as well as numerous benches, trees and open space for informal gatherings and outdoor learning
  • A newly renovated Friedman Chapel, allowing for outdoor religious services, life-cycle events, concerts and other gatherings, featuring a movable ark, pulpit and Torah reading table
  • A 3,750 sq ft Garden featuring trees, shrubs and flowers, as well as benches and a sculpture, providing a place for quiet, tranquility and spiritual contemplation
  • A sculptural fountain, combining vegetation, water and stone, providing an artistic and visual indicator of the main entrance to the synagogue
  • A canopy for sheltered drop off of loved ones
  • Structural and technological improvements to increase the security of the synagogue 
  • Three sizes of pavers with an opportunity to honor family members or friends, memorialize loved ones, or recognize a special event
  • Plentiful and aesthetic donor recognition opportunities for honoring the generous congregants and community members who made the original and newly renovated areas possible 

In addition to renovation costs, B’nai Jeshurun is planning to establish an endowed fund to provide on-going support for upkeep, improvements and continued beautification.

We invite you to join us in building a synagogue entrance befitting our warm and welcoming community by making a generous donation to our First Impressions, Lasting Connections Campaign. There are still myriad opportunities to participate in the First Impressions, Lasting Connections Campaign.


Plaza- FULFILLED  Entrance Canopy- FULFILLED    Garden Trees- FULFILLED
Garden- FULFILLED  Maintenance Fund- $25,000 Plaza Trees (each)- $5,000 (8 remain)
Entryway- $100,000 Pulpit- FULFILLED Entrance Benches- FULFILLED
Sculptural Fountain- FULFILLED  Torah Reading Table- FULFILLED Plaza and Garden Benches- FULFILLED
Entrance Garden- FULFILLED Bima Chairs (each)- $10,000 (3 remain) Walkway Bench- FULFILLED


Garden Sculpture- FULFILLED Entrance Tree- $10,000  
Chapel Sculpture- $36,000 Chapel Chairs- $7,500 Pavers
16 x 16*- $720
16 x 8*- $360
8 x 8*- $180


* Initial pavers for the Courtyard are completed. We will accept dedications for additional pavers through March 30, 2022 to be installed in the summer or fall of  2022.  (New paver dedications will be installed on an annual basis.) Order a paver.

For more information or to make a donation, contact Lorna Siegal, Development Director, at  216-831-6555, ext. 132, or Jay Ross, Executive Director, at 216.831.6555 ext. 107.

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