Ner Tamid

For more information or to join Ner Tamid, please contact Executive Director Jay Ross at 216-831-6555 ext. 107.

Ner Tamid is B’nai Jeshurun’s dedicated group of congregants who make a difference in ensuring the present and future of our congregation through an enhanced annual financial commitment to the synagogue.

With their annual gift of $10,000 or $20,000 in annual operating support, Ner Tamid members contribute to the Mahar Campaign, receive endowed seats in the David J. & Ruth A. Moskowitz Sanctuary for the High Holy Day services and pay their annual membership dues, as well as provide generous support to other important congregational fundraising such as the Tribute Dinner.

We gratefully acknowledge our Ner Tamid members, who give annual sustaining support at the highest levels with generosity, graciousness and consistency:

Susan & Jeffrey Friedman
Toby Gross
Rochelle & Harley Gross

Cynthia & Louis Chaiten
Belai Damtew

Fran & Mark Doris
Lorin & Alan Gottlieb
Penny & Robert Greenberger

Cari & Gary Gross
Stacie & Jeffrey Halpern
Amy & Stephen Hoffman
Debra & Steven Karklin

Ethel Linden
Theresa & Lee Markowitz

Leslie & Norman Millstein
Shelley & Mark Scher

Debbie & David Shifrin
Sandra & Timothy Wuliger

If you wish to join or receive information about Ner Tamid, please contact Executive Director Jay Ross.