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Kashrut Rules

The synagogue kitchen is under the supervision of Rabbi Hal Rudin-Luria. The mashgiach on-site is Dr. R. Raphael “Rafi” Simon. Kashrut guidelines are posted below. If you have questions, please contact Paula Botkin.

Kashrut Rules
Wine & Alcohol and Additional Guidelines for Coffee, Tea and Other Liquids
List of Acceptable Hechshers and More Hechshers
All of the hechshers on the following website are acceptable:

Many (NOT ALL) Sweet Street Desserts products are kosher under the supervision of Rabbi Moshe Saks. Letter certifying kosher lists which products are kosher. All Sweet Streets Desserts are Kosher-Dairy EXCEPT the following which are NOT KOSHER:  Macaroons, European Individuals, Chewy Marshmallow Squares, Grand Cru Petit Fours, Premier Cru Petit Fours, Scones, Lemon Tart, Chocolate Marshmallow Bar, Petite Cream Puffs, Meltaways  *No Products are Kosher for Passover.

Kof-Q of Quality Kosher (found on Orlando, Nichols and Schwebel bread) are ACCEPTABLE. Please note that each package must bear the kashrut symbol; these bakeries have non-kosher breads as well. Additionally, we will accept wholesale deliveries of the following breads directly to the synagogue if the mashgicha is present to inspect the delivery: Ciabbata - large and small sizes, French Bread, baguettes.

Ice cream: Any packaged ice cream with a kosher symbol on our acceptable list is acceptable. Some Ben & Jerry's parlor ice cream is acceptable, but only those with the Kof-K and NOT hand-packed. They must be in a full sealed drum or sealed carton. All Mitchell's ice cream is kosher.

Fruit trays: As of November 13, 2008 trays of fresh cut fruit may be ordered from any Heinen's store and brought into our kitchen and used in our food service.

Pre-measured popcorn packets: County Harvest has OU-pareve pre-measured packets. Order at (888.790.6070) or (877.870.7829)

Pure fruit juice, fruit juice with pectin - no hechsher needed.

Sugar and flour - no hechsher needed.

Frozen vegetables - if pure, plain - no hechsher needed.  

Passover items always need a hechsher.



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