Youth Groups

Contact: Rabbi Joshua Foster, 216-831-6555 ext. 124

BJUSY stands for B'nai Jeshurun United Synagogue Youth. It is our group for high school students (grades 9-12).

Kadima is our youth group for students in grades 7-8.

Jr. Kadima- is our youth group for studens in grades 5-6.




What is BJUSY?

BJUSY, B’nai Jeshurun USY, is a chapter of United Synagogue Youth, the conservative affiliated youth group for Jewish high school students. BJUSY chapter is located in the Central Region of USY, CRUSY. USY is an amazing experiences for all high school students at B’nai Jeshurun. We have fun events and lots of great times, friends, and memories.

Why should you Join BJUSY?

Because it if fun! You meet new people from all over Cleveland and have a great time at all the events whether with just our chapter, or with the other synagogue chapters. If you go to regional conventions you have an even more memorable experience as you’ll meet kids from Pittsburgh, Toledo, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Michigan, and Columbus, all of whom are Jewish and want to have fun!!

What do you do in BJUSY?

You have a great time hanging out with friends from the synagogue and other synagogues in our area! We hang out in the youth lounge; have dances, and other exciting and fun events!


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