Chesed - Community Service


Join your friends, your community, and Chesed and sign up for a project or two!
There are many projects planned for the year Please contact Rachel Schwarz to sign up and get involved!


Our active Chesed committee seeks to make a difference in our synagogue and in our community.
There are so many ways to get involved: cooking and delivering meals to congregants in need,
packing food at the Cleveland Foodbank, helping young students learn to read and write at
the Stepstone Academy, Volunteering at Super Sunday with the Cleveland Federation,
and so much more.  We hope you will join us to make a difference in our community.



August – Stepstone School Collection
September 25 – Super Sunday
November 20 – KFP (Kosher Food Pantry)
December 5 – Cleveland Food Bank Adult (6-8pm) – 10 volunteers
December 8 – Cleveland Food Bank Family (5:30-7:30pm) – 10 volunteers
December 18 – KFP
December ??? (ATID) – Toys for Tots
January 15 - KFP
January – Homeless Stand Down
February 19 – KFP
March 5 – Deliver Mishloach Manot (Menorah Park) – 10am
March 8 – Deliver to Montefiore – 11:30am
March 19 - KFP
May  14 – The Race – (Legacy)
May 21 - KFP
June 4 – Race for the Place (Beachwood Mall)






We have adopted a kindergarten class at the newly created charter school Stepstone Academy.
We will follow this class to 8th grade and as a congregation help the students be successful in school and life as best we can. 





Did you know that CHESED prepares frozen meals that we deliver to our congregants when they need help; whether they are sick, taking care of family in the hospital or just going through a hard time?  B'nai Jeshurun is your family and we want to help.  We are looking for a few more volunteers who can be assigned one week during the year to deliver meals when needed.  For more information about our CHESED delivery meal program or if you know someone who could use a nice cooked meal, contact Rachel Schwarz.