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Passover Resources during the Pandemic
Hametz Transfer of Ownership Form
Rabbinical Assembly Pesach Guide
Murray Berkowitz's Famous Annual Passover Quiz

Zoom or Live Stream Passover Services!

During all of Passover, you will have two different ways to watch/participate in Shabbat and Passover services:

  • Stream our service! 

  • Zoom our service! 

You can now connect using Zoom at the links below. On Zoom you will be able to see all the other people who are at the service with you. All voices except clergy will be muted for the entire service. After morning services, we will leave the zoom session open for a period of time after services for a “Virtual Kiddush” so that people can talk with each other.

Please note that since this zoom set up is new, this is on a trial basis. We expect it to work, but if it does not, we will not be able to make changes to it over the holiday and Shabbat. No worries. If you have any difficulty with you zoom connection, you can always fall back to connecting to the stream instead. 

Zoom into Shabbat and Passover Services by clicking on one of the following links:

All Shabbat & Passover services will be held in the Moskowitz Sanctuary.
You can click below to Stream: 

Pesach 2020 - 5780 Service Schedule

Join us online for services; click  here.
For all Passover festival and Shabbat services during Pesach, there is a new page with all the special additional prayers and readings for the holiday including hallel, yizkor and musaf. Please download from this new webpage the additional holiday material. We are using Siddur Lev Shalem for all festival and Shabbat services and Siddur Sim Shalom for shaharit and weekday afternoon services.

Tuesday, April 7: Search for Hametz (evening)

Wednesday, April 8: Erev Pesach – 1st Seder
No eating of hametz after 11:16 am * Sell and burn hametz by 12:21 pm
7:00 am Minyan; Siyyum b’Chorim (Fast of the First Born) (stream it  here)
6:00 pm Mincha; Evening Service

Thursday, April 9: 1st day of Pesach – 2nd Seder
9:30 am Shabbat/Festival Service
6:00 pm Mincha/Evening Service

Friday, April 10: 2nd day of Pesach
9:30 am Festival Service
10:30 am Pesach Pop Up - for young families-elementary age: Zoom or Facebook
6:00 pm Mincha/Evening Service
First days of Yom Tov end at 8:56 pm

Tuesday, April 14: Erev 7th day of Pesach
6:00 pm Mincha/Evening Service

Wednesday, April 15: 7th day of Pesach
9:00 am Shabbat/Festival Service (click here to view the handout)
10:30 am  Kinder Passover
6:00 pm Mincha/Evening Service

Thursday, April 16: 8th day of Pesach
9:00 am Festival Service/Yizkor/Dedication of Memorial Plaques (click here to view the handout; click here to access the Yizkor Book)
11:00 am Join Rabbi Josh for a special Camp-Style Tefillah & Hallel to end Passover together! Zoom in or call (929) 205-6099, Meeting ID: 962-7500-6068
6:00 pm Mincha/Evening Service
8:51 pm Passover ends

If you would like to order a memorial plaque or listing in the Golden Book of Remembrance, please contact  Diane Dronzek.

Virtual Yahrzeit Candle

If you do not have yarzheit candles at home, you can go to the Mount Sinai Memorial Park Website. There, click on Register in the upper right. You have to provide your name and email and the names and death dates of those for whom you recite kaddish.

Then, whenever you log in, click on the Click To Light icon next to each person’s name. Each time you do that, you will get a small browser window with the name of that loved one and a candle burning. You will get a separate candle for each one you "light." They can burn for 24 hours on your screen. You can use this for yarzheit or yizkor. They will start sending you email reminders of your yarzheit. If you don’t want those, after the crisis passes and you can buy candles, you can simply remove the names of yarzheits from you list. 

Thu, December 3 2020 17 Kislev 5781