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Pesach 5781 - 2021

Hag Pesach Sameach!  This year's services will be held virtually.  For all Passover festival and Shabbat services during Pesach, there is a new page with all the special additional prayers and readings for the holiday including hallel, yizkor and musaf. Please download from this new webpage the additional holiday material. We are using Siddur Lev Shalem for all festival and Shabbat services and Siddur Sim Shalom for shaharit and weekday afternoon services.  Click here to access Shir HaShirim for 7th day.
Scroll down to see our Pesach service schedule & programming!



Memorial Plaques and/or a listing in the Golden Book of Remembrance is a beautiful way to remember a loved one. Orders may be placed anytime during the year, but are dedicated twice yearly, at Yizkor Pesach and Yom Kippur. The deadline for orders for Pesach is Wednesday, March 10, 2021. Contact Diane Dronzek to place an order or to learn more.

Pesach Service Schedule 5781

Thursday, March 25  
Minyan; Siyyum b’Chorim
(Fast of the First Born)
7:15 am
Bedikat Hametz (Search for hametz) after 8:12 pm
Friday, March 26  
Burn and sell hametz by 12:28 pm
Saturday, March 27: Erev Pesach – 1st Seder  
No eating of hametz after 11:25 am
Recite formula nullifying hametz by 12:28 pm
Sunday, March 28: 1st Day of Pesach – 2nd Seder  
Festival Service 9:30 am
Mincha 6:00 pm
Monday, March 29: 2nd Day of Pesach  
Festival Service 9:30 am
Mincha 6:00 pm
First days of Yom Tov end 8:30 pm
Friday, April 2: Erev 7th Day of Pesach  
Mincha/Evening Service 6:00 pm
Saturday, April 3: 7th Day of Pesach  
Shabbat & Festival Service
Click here for Shir HaShirim
9:00 am
Mincha/Evening Service 6:00 pm
Sunday April, 4: 8th Day of Pesach  
Festival Service; Yizkor;
Dedication of Memorial Plaques
Download the Yizkor Book here
9:00 am
Mincha 6:00 pm
Pesach ends
If you sold your hametz through the shul,
you may eat it right away, as the sale
reverts immediately.
8:37 pm

















Sunday, March 28
at 6:30 pm

Rabbi Alan Lettofsky will lead us in an evening of prayer, song, study and discussion as we share in a joyful journey through the Haggadah in celebration of the holiday. We will provide the Haggadah; you will need to provide your own wine, food and seder items.  Register here.

Passover Programs for Everyone!

Tuesday, March 9
at 8:00 pm;
Thursdays, March 11 & 18 at 7:00 pm

Join Murray Berkowitz, Tova Cohen and Zoom Master Chad Cohen for cooking fun. For Tuesday’s class, we will join the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs and we will be broadcast nationally and in Canada! Please note the Zoom link for this session is different than usual and there is no password.  Read the recipes in advance so you can have all the ingredients set up and ready: Cream of Asparagus SoupChicken MarbellaSmashed PotatoesHealthy Homemade Microwave Potato ChipsParve Chocolate Mousse

For the Thursday sessions, the link is our usual:  Zoom, Meeting ID:  86468670994. March 11 will feature mushroom bourguignoncoconut chicken cutlets with almond butter saucebroccoli souffle and chocolate chip meringues. Our cooks will be Tova Cohen, Stephanie Berkowitz and Jana Rossman Lazarus. Also listed here are past recipes that can be used on Passover. View past recipes here.

Thursday, March 11
at 8:00 pm

Jordan B. “Gorf” Gorfinkel, creator of the Passover Haggadah Graphic Novel, joins us to discuss the lessons and hidden secrets of the Haggadah to make this year’s Passover Seder new and different. Learn how the principles of superhero storytelling helped Gorf turn our ancient 2000-year-old Haggadah into the universally exciting and inspiring top selling graphic novel of the year. Learn more about Gorf here and watch a trailer here. Order a discount copy here or get an autographed copy with a drawing inside at here.    Zoom, Meeting ID: 96610498629.

Saturday, March 13
at 11:00 am

Join us as we review old favorites
and learn new melodies to add
to our Seder at this special youth
service featuring song-leader Rabbi
Josh Warshawsky. Zoom, Meeting ID:  486237183.

Thursday, March 18
at 4:30 pm

For our next Holiday Chavaya program, Passover in 3D, create your own table-scape: a scene from the Passover story to add to your seder table! Pick up a curated kit for use at the program. Learn more and register for a kit here.
Zoom, Meeting ID:  98592008942

We gratefully acknowledge the Retreat Institute (RI) and Congregational Enrichment Funds (CEF) of the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland (JEC) for
financial and programmatic assistance. The JEC’s RI and CEF are supported by the Fund for the Jewish Future of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland.

Thursday, March 18
at 8:00 pm

Our clergy will provide you with lots of creative ideas to add sizzle to your seder!
Zoom, Meeting ID:  98088492857.

Sunday, March 21
at 11:00 am

Brianna Caplan Sayres is the author of Asteroid Goldberg:  Passover in Outer Space, among other modern Jewish children's classics.  She looks forward to blasting off with our kids for an Intergalactic Passover Adventure which will include a reading of her out-of-this-world Passover fantasy!  Learn more about her here.  Publisher Intergalactic Afikoman is offering an 18% discount on all their books (including preorders) purchased through Monday, April 5. Discount Code: BnaiJeshurun.  Zoom, Meeting ID: 984 009 2086.  

Monday, March 22
at 7:00 pm

Have you ever wondered what all the melodies are to the songs throughout the Passover Seder? Our clergy will share their favorite songs and melodies. Whether it is “Adir Hu”, “Ki Lo Naeh”, “Eliyahu HaNavi” or “Chad Gadya”, we will go through the Hagaddah and enjoy the many songs that you will be able to share at your own seder. Zoom, Meeting ID: 924 5703 8425.

Thursday, March 25
6:30 pm for Young Families 8:00 pm Congregational

On the night before Passover, Jews are obligated to search their homes for hametz. Due to Passover beginning on Shabbat this year, this ritual will take place earlier. We want our BJC family to experience this tradition together. Therefore, we are providing
our members with a “bedikat hametz kit” containing all
the supplies necessary for the search.

You can pick up your kit anytime during synagogue hours where they will be located inside B'nai Jeshurun on our front table. They will also be available for pick up outside the synagogue on March 21 between 9:15-10:15 am (while supplies last.) Then, join us to take part in this mitzvah. We will search our homes and prepare for Passover together. Please Zoom with a portable device so you can walk around your home with your device. The Zoom link is the same for both sessions:  
Zoom, Meeting ID: 993 4343 6818.

Wednesday, March 31
at 7:00 pm

Join our librarian, Dr. Rafi Simon, to hear the latest
and most exciting stories.
Zoom, Meeting ID:  97562542028.


Saturday, April 3
at 10:30 am

Join us on the 7th Day of Passover for a special in-person outdoor program as we celebrate the day the Red Sea split and our ancestors became free people! Attendance capped at 40 people, please e-mail  to RSVP.


Mon, January 24 2022 22 Shevat 5782