Hearing Loops

A Clearer Sound at B'nai Jeshurun for Hearing Aid Users

We are pleased to announce that in the coming months members and guests who wear hearing aids and cochlear implants will be able to better hear services and programs in numerous spaces throughout our synagogue.

This new hearing assistance system provides congregants an option to use the Telecoil feature of their hearing aids to connect directly with the sound system without any supplemental equipment.

We will be installing a Hearing Loop assisted listening system in the David J. & Ruth A. Moskowitz Sanctuary and Halpern Hall in time for the High Holy Days, thanks to generous donations from Lois Klein (in memory of Bernard “Buddy” Kleinz’l) and Fay & Edward Blumenthal.  Hearing Loops will also be installed in the Benchell Balcony of the sanctuary and Nickman Chapel over the next few months, thanks to Lois Klein and Barbara & Bernard Kotton respectively.

A hearing loop transmits an audio signal directly into a hearing aid and/or cochlear implant, greatly reducing background noise, competing sounds, reverberation and other acoustic distortions that reduce clarity of sound. All a user needs to do is switch his or her hearing aid to the "T", telephone, or hearing loop program.  However, it may not have been enabled when the device was initially programmed. If you are not sure whether your hearing aid has a t-coil and/or you do not know how to access the T program, your audiologist or hearing aid specialist will be able to advise.

Although no extra earphones are needed for those who directly connect their hearing device with the hearing loop, a limited number of earphones will be available for those with older hearing aids which may not work with the new system and those with hearing loss but do not wear hearing aids.

Thanks again to Lois Klein, Fay & Edward Blumenthal and Barbara & Bernard Kotton for their generous support of this impactful project.

If you have questions regarding the Hearing Loop system, please contact your audiologist or Executive Director Jay Ross at [email protected] or 216-831-6555 ext. 107.

We recognize accessibility as a fundamental Jewish value and are committed to providing appropriate programs and services to those with physical, emotional and developmental challenges and disabilities.

We are currently seeking funder(s) to support extending the Hearing Loop to Rosenthal Auditorium. If you are interested in learning more about funding the Hearing Loop in Rosenthal Auditorium, or other inclusion projects at the shul, please reach out to Executive Director Jay Ross or Inclusion Committee Chair Cheryl Wikas.