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Some say that happened last night was truly "impossible" -- but we say "no -- it was another great Bnai Jeshurun event." Amira said on the way home: "That was fun." In fact, we all enjoyed the food, hospitality, and the bingo (even though we didn't win. . . .). Thank you especially to Murray for spearheading this event and all his hard work to make it a success!
Thanks --Ed, Lisa, and Amira

I am grateful for B'nai Jeshurun because everyone has been very thoughtful. Clergy came to visit my husband in the hospital each time her was admitted. I was so grateful. -JH


I give to B'nai Jeshurun because the clergy and congregation make the synagogue a home and a great source of support. -RL

I am grateful for B'nai Jeshuru for the personalized support and responsiveness to our family's needs. (Interfaith marriage, baby namings, deaths, etc). Both the rabbi and cantor have been incredible.

I am also thankful for the wonderful mentors and education my son gained from the educational program. It is for this reason my husband and I created a fund to give back to this program in honor of our son. -CH

B’nai Jeshurun makes a difference by belonging to Greater Cleveland Congregations, which is committed to the pursuit of social justice, a tenet of tikkun olam. -TM

Rabbi Weiss gave a comprehensive and even-handed report on the Rabbinic Assembly debate regarding the issue of gay membership in synagogues and gay clergypersons. This was a three-part presentation a number of years ago, which impressed me with his thoroughness and clarity. This experience has stayed with me all these years and represents for me some of the best that B J stands for. -MBS

Hello Rabbi Weiss,
    My name is Eli Libenson and I am a colleague of yours from Israel - JTS 1971.  I discovered your live streaming and archived videos while browsing on the web and I really love it.  We have been living in Israel for 30 years and for all those years I've missed the American Conservative synagogue experience.  And lo and behold I've just found it one click away.  I have so far watched a Shabbat morning service, a Shabbat minha Bar Mitzvah, the annual congregational meeting and the lecture by Rabbi Irwin Kula. They were all extremely interesting and nostalgia inducing for me. As you may have guessed I'm retired.   
    I'd like to commend  the person or persons who thought of  the idea of taping it all and then implementing it.  I have already told friends about it and I hope they too will give it a try.  I do hope you will put on more talks and lectures as they take place in your congregation.     
    Shabbat Shalom to your fellow clergy and to your wonderful congregation. 
                                          Eli Libenson

The Etgar staff is grateful to you and the synagogue staff for assistance with our special end of school year Friday night service and dinner for our Etgar families on Friday, May 6, 2016.  Thank you for providing Kiddush items and thank you for participating in the evening's service and dinner.  We are grateful to Paula Botkin for making arrangements with B'nai Jeshurun maintenance staff and ensuring that Gottlieb Auditorium was set up per our needs.  Please extend our thanks to the maintenance staff too.  The room worked beautifully for our Friday ight service and dinner - with auditorium seating in front of the Bima and dinner tables at the front of the room.  About 40 people attended the event including our staff.  We are grateful for the hospitality of B'nai Jeshurun Congregation and staff.  Thank you for your support of the Etgar program. - Jackie Brooks, Etgar Administrator

Just wanted to thank you for a really nice Hanukkah gift from BJ. Everything was so well thought out, right down to the laminated card with the candle blessings. Another example of how awesome BJ is!  Thanks again, Julie, Aaron and the girls 

"I was at the late Micky Shagrin's funeral yesterday. I am so proud to be part of the Bnai Jeshurun family. Please let Rabbi Weiss, Rabbi Hal and Cantor Shifman know how touching Cantor's wonderful voice of solace was to me which rang out in the chapel, and how both Rabbis were so compassionate to the Shagrin family in their hour of need. A sweet dear loving couple. The clergy at BJ are just super. May Micky's memory indeed be for a blessing." -Francis Ritsky Kluter

"I just wanted to thank everyone at B'nai Jeshurun for sending the thoughtful Passover care package. I signed up for Seder and Passover kosher meals here at Ohio University and will keep our congregation in mind during the holiday. The care package will definitely help me celebrate the holiday - It really means a lot to me so thank you! Chag Sameach" -Emily Danzig

"The BJ weekly news is VERY WELL DONE!! Thank you for this email EACH week! It keeps us informed with only ourselves to blame if we don't engage ourselves into synagogue life!! Thanks." -Jerry Brodsky

"I have so many people to thank for making Zachary's Bar Mitzvah so special but I want to start with everyone at B'nai Jeshurun! Cantor Shifman made sure that Zachary stayed on track throughout his Bar Mitzvah training with Ari Ross, who did a great job mentoring Zach. The Cantor made us feel very comfortable at the service. Rabbi Hal (Rudin-Luria) was very patient & kind with Zachary throughout this time as well, helping him with his D'var Torah & speech. Rabbi Weiss put Zachary at ease from the start when Zachary couldn't find his tallit clip. His warmth during the service to Zach & our whole family brought us close in the service. Thank you also to Jay Ross & to Mr. Amster for always running every step of the service so smoothly & always bringing kids into the services! That is so important for the kids to choose to love shul now & hopefully forever! We really love being a part of this family-oriented shul!" -The Marton's

"The Berman Family absolutely appreciates the amazing support from both clergy and members that we received during a very difficult time. Thank you so much!" -Amy Berman

"I just wanted to send you a message personally telling you how much our group from St. Francis of Assisi truly enjoyed the event on Monday night. I am honestly not sure I could put all of my experiences into words for you, but suffice it to say that I will be back next year and would love to be more involved. Thank you so much for the gift you have given us and congratulations on a truly successful event!" -Kathleen Williams