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B'nai Jeshurun Named Funds

B'nai Jeshurun Congregation is fortunate to have 240+ named funds that provide on-going and crucial support to all aspects of our congregation. Below is a list of funds by name. (A list grouped by fund purpose is forthcoming.)  

To make a donation to a named fund, you may call Joscelyn Harris at 216-831-6555 ext 105, mail/drop off a donation to: B'nai Jeshurun Congregation, 27501 Fairmount Blvd., Pepper Pike, Ohio 44124 or make a donation online.

To learn more about establishing a fund at B'nai Jeshurun, please contact Development  Director Lorna Siegal at 216-831-6555 ext. 132 or visit our endowment webpage.


Fund List by Name
Abraham Family Courtyard Fund
Abraham-Gruenspan High Holy Day Choir Scholarship
Sylvia and Ronald Abrams Inclusion Fund
Adult B'nai Mitzvah Sukkah Decorating Fund
Ahavas Zion Scholarship Foundation
Aliyah Fund
Moris Amon Memorial Fund
Amsel Torah Foundation
Adolph Amsel Memorial Foundation
Max and Eva Apple Memorial Foundation
Azoff Family Rosh Chodesh Fund
Azoff Family Tefillin Project Fund 
Howard Banchek Memorial Fund
Evelyn Barmen Oneg Shabbat Hospitality Fund
Sophie and Joseph Barrish Memorial Fund
Frieda and Jacob Baxt Educational Foundation
Ernest and Eunice Benchell Endowment Fund 
Berger Family High Holy Day Prayer Book Fund 
Beva P. Berkowitz United Synagogue Youth Fund                                                                        Mary and Murray J. Berkowitz Kitchen Fund

Lippa Berman Family Foundation
Bette L. Berman Foundation
Beth Am Enrichment Foundation
Beth Am Seniors Foundation
Martin C. and Carole F. Blake Endowment Fund
Bluestone-Rose Family Education Fund
Blum Music Fund
Fay and Edward Blumenthal Family Fund
B'nai Jeshurun Unrestricted Endowment 
Bohnen Schaffer Garden Foundation
Shirley and David Boman Memorial Fund
Phyllis and Jules Bookatz Fund for Special Needs Children
Lawrence Botnick Educational Foundation
Frances B. Bruh Memorial Foundation
David Brunswick Memorial Fund
Building and Development Fund
Betty Bunin Scholarship Fund
Simon Bunin Memorial Scholarship Fund
Hyman and Leah Cadkin Scholarship Fund
Cantor's Music Fund - Cantor's Discretionary Fund
Chaiten Family Fund for Jewish Arts 
Ronnie Chazen Scholarship Fund
Alan D. Cohen Torah Readers Fund
Gena and Ethan Cohen Young Family Fund
Harry Cohen Memorial Blood Bank Fund
Lindsey Cohen Memorial Young Adult Programming Fund
Phyllis and Dr. Sidney Cohen Kosher Kitchen Fund
Yale Cohen Memorial Israel Scholarship Fund
Jeanette Danowitz Israel Scholarship fund
Harriet and Paul Dennis Children's Library Fund
Dobres-Berkowitz Israel Programming Fund
Fran and Mark Doris Family Fund
Helen Elinsky Liturgical Music Fund
Keren Emrich Memorial Foundation
Jacob Eppler Memorial Foundation
Sherry Stein Epstein, Erica Epstein and Andrew Wald Family Fund
Erenberg Family Pastoral Care Fund

Executive Director Discretionary Fund
Zelda and Lester Farber Memorial Fund
Feldman Foundation
Feldman Tefillin Fund
Rachel Ariela Fishman/Sandra Lowy Bereavement Fund
Rabbi Josh Foster Education Fund
Arthur Freedman Memorial Fund
Edward A. and Edith A. Freilich Israel Scholarship Fund
Frank and Ida Friedman Fund for Special Needs Children
Jack and Margaret Friedman Family Fund
Maurice Friedman Trust 
Samuel and Elvira Friedrich Trust
Dan Geller and Samantha Baskind Endowment Fund
Norma and Albert Geller Social Justice Endowment Fund
Selma Gerdy Memorial Fund
William A. Gibberman Music Endowment Fund
Ginsberg Family United Synagogue Youth Fund
Louise and Harry Gips Holocaust Education Fund
Bertha and Saul Gobstein Memorial Fund
Rhoda and Irving Gold Israel Scholarship Fund
Marshall and Sandra Goldman Family Fund 
Adorea S. Goodman, Laurie and Ira Davis Family Fund
Lester Goodman Endowment
Regina and Leo Goodman Memorial Fund
Gottlieb Family Fund for Holocaust Missions
Sam Greenberger Camp Scholarship Fund
Edward Greene Memorial Library Fund
Morton J. and Toby Gross Atrium Fund
Zelda and Isadore Gross Book Fund
Gurland Music Fund
Haas Family Education Fund
Halpern Fund
Cele and Leon Harris Memorial Fund
Rabbi Michael and Sheila Hecht Limmud Fund
Delores Henkin Memorial Fund
Mitchell B. Herman Education Fund 
Rabbi Jack Herman Bldg and Maintenance Foundation
Rabbi Jack Herman Memorial Educational Fund
Phil Hersh Memorial Kitchen Fund
Ted Hersh Torah Fund
Alvin Hershey Memorial Fund
Bessie Hershey Religious School Fund
Dean Hoffman USY Scholarship Foundation
Holzer Foundation
Vic-Phillip-Aaron Horwitz Memorial Fund
Vicki Helstein Howard Memorial Fund
Israel Incentive Fund
Israel Scholarship Fund
Jack Jacobson & Belle Winograd Memorial Library
Judge Harry and Dorothy J. Jaffe Education Foundation 
Julius Abrams Minyan Fund
Charles Kabin Memorial Fund
Julian and Etole Kahan Fine Arts Endowment 
Sanford and Ida Kahn Foundation
Karklin Tapestry Fund
Arlene F. Karklin Library Fund
Helen and Alex Karklin Scholarship Fund
Anna and Morton Katz Music Fund
Jody and Laura Katzner Family Fund
Ida and Samuel Kaufman Scholarship Fund
Esther and Philip Kazdan, Laura Gooch and David Kazdan Foundation
Alvin and Annette Klausner Memorial Fund
The Marilyn and Allan Klein Family Wellness Fund
Paul A. and Evan R. Klein Memorial Fund
Mary Kleinbart Foundation
Adolph and Minnette Kohn Israel Scholarhip Fund
Clarence Kohn Scholarship Fund
Jerry and Elaine Kohn Endowment Fund
Sam and Dorothy Kohn Foundation
Rachel Kowan Endowment 
Ed and Roslyn Kowit Fund
Albie and Harry Kumin Scholarship Foundation
Sanford and Gloria Kurland Early Childhood Fund
Sanford Kutash Family Fund
Robert and Barbara Leeson Fund 
Max Lefkowich Scholarship Fund
Jean and Rabbi Alan Lettofsky Endowment Fund
Leubitz Family Fund
Mitchell Leutenberg School Fund
Susan and Howard Levin Family Scholarship Foundation
Lichtin Family Music Fund 
Linden Family Ceremorial Courtyard Fund
Peggy and Alan Lipp Family Fund
Sylvia Lodish Memorial Foundation
Ellie Macknin Memorial Consecration Fund
Toby and Rey Macknin Fund 
Robert Madow Building Maintenance Fund
Sally Malberg Memorial Fund
Mildred Rose and George Mandel Education Fund
Marcus Family Fellowship Fund
Marcus Leadership Institute Endowment Fund
Nat and Edna Marcus Endowment Fund
Bernard Margolis Family Fund
Helen and Herbert Markowitz Youth Fund
Michael and Debbie Marks Family Fund for Synagogue Priorities
Matasar Family Fund for Congregational Continuity
Cantor Saul Meisels Memorial
Mindy and Andrew Meyer Family Foundation
Herbert Milefsky Memorial Prayerbook Fund
Al and Rosedel Miller Senior Citizens Foundation
Myron Milton Miller Memorial Fund
RH Mohrman Cultural Foundation
David and Ruth Moskowitz Family Endowment Fund
David and Ruth Moskowitz Family Endowment Fund for Synagogue Operations
Geraldine and Philip Moskowitz Early Childhood Fund
Sally and Leo Moss Library Fund
Myers Family Endowment 
Nickman Chapel Art Fund
Phyllis Nutkin Memorial School Fund
Irving and Nancy Oleinick Philanthropic Foundation
Robert Olen Memorial Fund
Anclaire and Leonard Oscar Building Maintenance Fund
Brenda Zimm Oscar Memorial Lecture Fund
Isadore and Dora Oscar Memorial Fund
Nathan and Lenore Oscar Education Fund
Sid Paige Scholarship Foundation
Payner-Besunder Family Fund
Helen and A. Bernard Peters Music Fund
Peters/Felbain Leadership Development Fund
Drs. Halina and Alexander Podlipsky Mental Health Awareness Fund
Abraham Polis Memorial Foundation
Lillian Polis Foundation
Bernard Potash Memorial Fund
Prayerbook Fund
Sylvia and Norman Price Israel Scholarship Fund
PT&SA (Parent, Teacher & Student) Foundation
Rabbi's Chair
Bernice and Mannie Rabovsky Religious School Enrichment Fund                      Rothschild Family Holocaust Remembrance Fund
George Reeser Scholarship Foundation
Rosemary Reeser PT&SA (Parent, Teacher & Student) Foundation
Refurbishing Foundation
Sally Rich Memorial Fund
Estelle Rosenberg and Dr. Milton Rosenberg Tikkun Leil Shavuot Study Fund
Lillian and Harvey Philip Rosenstein Book Fund
Rabbi Rudolph M. Rosenthal Memorial Fund
Harry Rosenzweig/Benjamin Singer Scholarship Foundation
Ann and Mervin Roth Music Fund
Jonathan Roth Torah Fund
Nathan Roth Memorial Fund
Ruth and George Rothstein Israel Scholarship Fund
Rabbi Moshe Rubinstein and Diane Weiss Youth Fund
Rabbi Hal Rudin-Luria Discretionary Fund
Rutsky Family Education Fund
Joseph Sampliner Tefillah Award
Paul and Minnie Sasonkin Memorial Library Foundation
Rabbi Stanley J and Dr. Lifsa Schachter Endowment Fund
Scher Family Fund 
Ozzie Schindler Memorial Educational Fund
Ruth and Saul Schloss Education Enrichment
Sharon and Jerome Schmelzer Family Endowment Fund
Sherry Givelber Schreiber Memorial Fund
Rabbi Herbert Schwartz School Fund
Joel and Rachel Schwarz Building Maintenance Fund
Joel Schwarz Memorial Chesed Fund
Phyllis Schwarz Memorial Library Fund
Jo Hershey Selden Endowment Fund  
Abraham M. and Anna Rose Seltzer Foundation
Honey Shankman Memorial Library Foundation
Thomas Allen and Richard Allen Shatten Memorial Fund
Sheryl Sherman Israel Scholarship Fund
Cantor Aaron Shifman Endowment Fund
Stella and Jack Shifrin Memorial Fund
Ted Shoemack USY Foundation
Lorna and Adam Siegal Synagogue Development Fund
Rhonda, Marilyn and Pamela Goldfarb Sigman Memorial Fund
Silver/Rothman Staff Appreciation Fund 
Harry and Sylvia Simms Educational Foundation
Louis Simon Memorial Fund
Dorothy G. Singer Memorial Foundation
Morris Singer Memorial Foundation
Walter and Paulette Smith Memorial Fund
Sobol Family Fund for USY and Kadima Programming
Spira Memorial Trust 
Karen and Leonard Steiger Fund
Maurice and Hester Stutz Foundation
Arnie and Brett Swertloff Foundation
Lois and Harry Teitelman Family Fund
Ronald and Natalie Titlebaum Endowment Fund
Bert and Cyril Tobin Memorial Fund
Torah Dedication Fund
Torah Preservation Fund
Neil and Jennifer Tramer Family Fund
Edward and Helen Udelson Foundation
Vinney and Viny Israel Scholarship Fund
Wakser Family Fund for School
The Joni H. and Steven L. Wasserman Wellness Fund
Alfred and Herta Weil Endowment
Rose and Max Weinberg Foundation
Susan and Jack Weingold Fund
Ben and Sadie Weltman Scholarship Foundation
Wikas Family Inclusion Fund
Helen and Paul Wolf Israel Study Endowment Fund
Lenora Wolf Confirmation Scholarship Fund
Daniel Allen and Laura Orkin Wolkoff Technology Fund
Gail and Jerry Wolkoff Memorial Fund
Wynbrandt Family Fund 
Harvey Wynbrandt Memorial Fund
Edward Wyner Memorial Fund
Albert and Evette Yedid Torah Fund
E & I Yessenow Music Fund
Yomtovian Education and Religious Endowment Fund
Youth Commission Foundation
Eva, Sol and Gerald Zashin Endowment Foundation
Ida and Sam Zelwin Family Fund
Reuben Zelznick Memorial Scholarship Foundation
Zimon Family Educational Fund 

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