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Our CHESED committee is honoring the memory of Rabbi Stanley J. Schachterז"ל  
by completing 100 mitzvot (acts of kindness). This can be anytime you volunteer such as giving tzedakah, reading Torah, 
visiting a sick friend, helping usher, setting-up kiddush, delivering a meal, 
attending a shiva, or taking part in a CHESED program, there are so many ways you can do a mitzvah. 
We ask that you simply take a minute to submit what you did by clicking the button below!
We will document our progress below, so everyone can see how our CHESED committee and YOU reach this goal together. 
(All names being submitted will be kept anonymous.)
Let's do this for Rabbi Stanley J. Schachterז!
Let's do this to make a difference!
Let's do this to be kind!

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100 Mitzvot in Memory of Rabbi Stanley J. Schachterז

heart 1. Cooked, baked and froze 28 kosher meals for distribution to those in need in our congregation.
It feels wonderful to know we can provide a Shabbat meal for congregants when they need it. 

heart 2. I have a friend who has been living at Menorah Park. He has no family here and few friends. I shopped today for some kosher food products that he’s been unable to get there, as well as a little Thanksgiving flower arrangement.  Knowing that he will be so appreciative, warms my heart. Feels even better to give, than receive.

heart 3. We attended a funeral made a shiva call checked in on a friend helped our parents put away laundry made cards to welcome a new baby. This made me feel great.

heart 4. I have been volunteering at the Kosher Food Pantry for the past three years. I volunteer several times a week packing boxes/bags of food for the needy. I have also helped to deliver the bags to the designated apartments. I also help out elderly friends of the family when they need assistance. You can find my picture and more information about the Kosher Food Pantry in their News Letter. I feel very proud and happy that I am able to preform these mitzvot for the community and to individuals in need.

heart 5. Made a Shabbat dinner for a friend whose Husband is in the hospital. It made me feel helpful.

heart 6. Called to check in on an acquaintance whose husband is seriously ill. Made someone else’s day by showing care. 

heart 7. A friend is in rehab after a hospital stay. He has no one to help him in the city and I went to his team meeting this morning to give the team more information and to help interpret their recommendations. overwhelmed at the issues he is facing.

heart 8. Brought many books to a family over Thanksgiving Break. I knew the children would love the books and I always love giving kids an opportunity to read.

heart 9. Delivered a CHESED meal to a member of B'nai Jeshurun. It made me feel great knowing we were providing them with a nice Shabbat meal.

heart 10. Donated to Pantry Packers. The oldest operating network of social services in Israel. We will also volunteer there in December just before we celebrate our grandson's Bar Mitzvah. Glad to be able to give money and also looking forward to actually working packing

heart 11. . Someone was needed to accept the shiva food trays during the funeral so they'd be there and out when the mourners, friends and family came back to the house after the funeral and burial. I volunteered to help and after a phone introduction to the widow, I spoke and arranged with her to be at her home as needed. A small favor on my part. A large favor from the perspective of the woman needing the help.We should expect ourselves to do acts of kindness just 'cause - not for any feeling of satisfaction on our own part.

heart 12. I was an election worker for the 2022 primary and general election. I made sure a 93-year old Jewish lady was able to vote. During the primary she had a lot of trouble marking her ballot, and there was little I could do for her. When she came for the general, we both recognized each other. This time she brought her husband and I orchestrated (legally) the voter assistance option so she could tell her husband what she wanted and he could make it happen. I felt empowered that I enabled someone who really wanted to, to exercise her right to vote.

heart 13. Neighbor's sweet cat is missing. I gave out flyers to 80 neighbors and posted them on 6 light poles. I also gave the neighbors printer ink, as they had run out, so that they could print more flyers. May Rabbi Schachter's memory be for a blessing. Lo Aleycha HaMelacha Ligmor, v'lo atah ben-chorim l'hevatel meemenah.

heart 14. Packed grocery bags at Kosher Food pantry.

heart 15. Drove a very sick friend to appointment to get vaccination.

heart 16. Made effort at Shabbat morning services to greet guests and welcome congregants I hadn’t seen in years; as usher offered them an honor.

heart 17. Called several elderly / single members to say hi and see if they needed anything .

heart 18. Attend minyan to help make minyan and say prayer for healing for several friends ( or family of friends) who are very sick or having surgery. Honored and grateful to be able to do these small tasks. Humbled with my good fortune . Hope these will be anonymous.

heart 19. We made dinner for a family that just had their first baby. We felt connected to our larger community by helping our friends.

heart 20. Prepared and delivered a Thanksgiving meal to a friend that I knew could use a good home cooked meal for the holidays. I felt good being able to do this. 

heart 21. I reached out to a couple of friends who had medical issues two or three weeks ago (surgery, Covid); I know that too often, people can get forgotten after a crisis has passed, so it's important to stay in touch and be available. I was glad that these friends knew that they were remembered, and I could tell they appreciated it. I wish I could help more, though of course it's good news that they don't need my practical help!

heart 22. Helped a woman step off an icy curb. She was afraid she’d fall. I ran over to help her. Glad I could help when she was relieved and grateful.

heart 23. Made donations to APL an Federation, and renewed my membership to the Maltz Museum. Always happy to contribute to these worth.

heart 24. On Shabbos morning, as we were both walking through the lobby at shul, I introduced myself to an older woman I didn’t know (who said she hadn’t been to shul for awhile because of COVID), helped her find the Siddur and Chumash she felt comfortable using, and then sat next to her during davening. I was happy I had done it. It made her happy so I was happy too.

heart 25. There was a period of several months in my early days of Multiple Sclerosis that on a Saturday after Shabbos, Rabbi and Lifsa would sit in my room while I was hooked up to my IV. We would have wonderful conversations. After they left I would feel fulfilled and encouraged to keep fighting to get back. 

heart 26. I produce & record podcasts twice a week for people with vision impairment through the Cleveland Sight Center. They are newscasts and are posted to NPR. It is extremely gratifying even if I cannot see the people who get to listen.

heart 27. In 88 minutes and 42 seconds we produced over 300 tea biscuits, about one delectable dessert every 18 seconds. Plus, we made 3 large pans of brownies. Thank you for your help not only for baking but also for cleaning up. A job well done for a congregational lunch sponsored by the Ginsberg family in honor of Emma's Bat Mitzvah. A family that has been active and contributing members of our community, to my knowledge, for at least 4 generations. This was a great feeling.

heart 28. Delivered a CHESED meal to a family for Shabbat. I love doing this and being on the call list to help.

heart 29. I was flying home from work very early Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving. A flight attendant requested help from a medical person for a fellow passenger who was doing poorly. I pushed the call bell and volunteered my knowledge and skill. (The passenger in front of me told me she was a physician and to let her know if I needed help. She never got up to help.) I evaluated the passenger, took control of his care with what I had, and kept him safe until EMTs arrived to transport him off the plane. I made sure his wife was looked after as well. I hope that he did well at the hospital. I always wonder how people I care for are doing down the road. I'm glad I was able to help. I was humbled that I could help.

heart 30. I took a neighbor to Metro Health Hospital very early in the morning for his surgery. Later in the day I went back to bring him home. I also cooked, took over a meal for him. Then brought up his mail. I felt good about doing this.

heart 31. Purchasing winter jackets and boots for Ukrainian immigrants in the U.S. This help me feel gratified.

heart 32. Accompanied a friend to a medical appointment on Thanksgiving afternoon and treated the same friend to a kosher dinner later that day. This made me feel happy.

heart 33. Donated on giving Tuesday November 29 to the Food Bank for New York City and the Yiddish Book Center. This made me feel empowered, proud and happy.

heart 34. I helped a friend make a lot of kugels for her son's bar mitzvah. 

heart 35. I volunteer at the Cleveland Foodbank. I feel fulfilled and personally satisfied that I can help others.

heart 36. Contributed to the NCJW project Operation warmup with donation of new socks, hats and gloves. Put in our synagogue box. This is a project I have been involved with for many years. Such a worthwhile project.

heart 37. Donated about 50 books to a little free library.

heart 38. Went shopping to specifically buy hats, gloves, socks and scarves to donate to CHESED /NCJW Project Warm Up. Happy to make somebody else’s life a little warmer.

heart 39. Helped in the kitchen to prepare the Kiddush lunch. I am always happy to help.

heart  40. Helped put desserts on platters for Shabbat kiddush for a Bar Mitzvah.

heart 41. I brought dinner over to a friend who has Covid.




Tue, December 6 2022 12 Kislev 5783