Bris & Baby Naming

Contact: Diane Dronzek at 216-831-6555 ext 104

BrisMazal tov on the birth or upcoming birth of your child! We want to do everything we can to help make this experience a meaningful and joyous one.

Please note that a brit milah takes place on the eighth day after the birth, counting the day of birth as day one. So, a baby born on Monday will have a brit milah the following Monday. If the baby is born after sunset, the first day counted is the next day. For instance, a baby born on Monday evening will have a brit milah the following Tuesday. The only exception to this rule is for medical reasons. If the bris is to be held on a holiday or Shabbat, it is customary to hold it at the synagogue immediately following the service. As soon as a boy is born, please contact a mohel right away as well as the synagogue clergy, so we may assist in setting the day and time and in creating a program. It is customary for the mohel and our clergy to officiate together.

A naming for a girl (Simhat Bat) can be held any time, although typically within the first year of birth.


Mohelim approved by the synagogue: 

Dotan Herzogi   (614) 580-0416
Dr. Justin Lappen   (312) 771-1705
Dr. Stacey Ehrenberg   (330) 328-5996