High Holy Days Learning

High Holy DayS Learning at B’nai Jeshurun 
Monday, August 27 • 7 pm - 9 pm


Refreshments will be served. All classes are free and open to the community. Enjoy an open library with Dr. Rafi Simon.


7 - 8 pm Offerings

The Jewish Art Studio with Marjorie Falk (until 8:30 pm)
Create you own one-of-a-kind hamsa for blessing and protecting a home. Learn how to design and make your unique wall hanging out of clay. 


Confronting Life’s Little Dilemmas with Cheryl Gordon MAT, MSJS
This is a great time of year in which to review how useful Torah can be in helping deal with life's challenges. We'll examine every day dilemmas and the choices we make about things like shopping, disclosing information and even enjoying a Scotch. We will learn how looking through Jewish lenses can help us deal and act.


Laughing, Crying, and a Ray of Light with Rabbi Noah Bickart, PhD, Professor of Jewish & Interreligious Studies John Carroll University
A strange story in the Talmud depicts a famous rabbi having a dream which helps him to understand his place in the world. Through a close reading of this text, we’ll begin to prepare for the season of repentance together. 


8 - 9 pm Offerings

Genesis and Genes: Ethics, Genetic Engineering, and Jewish Tradition with Aaron Goldenberg, PhD, Associate Professor of Bioethics, CWRU
Should we use genetic engineering to cure diseases? Are GMO foods acceptable? Is it ethical to use genetics to try having "smarter" or more "athletic" children? These are some of the toughest questions facing biomedical ethics today.  To answer these modern questions in a Jewish context, we need to go back to “the beginning”. This lecture will explore how Torah, and more specifically Beresheet, has helped shape Jewish Bioethics and our responses to new genetic technologies.  


Teshuvah without Guilt with Rabbi Jonathan Berger, Associate Head of School for Judaic Studies and Programs, Gross Schechter Day School
Emotions like guilt can be powerful motivations for teshuvah—they can spur us to repair our relationships, fix our mistakes and become better people. But, what if we look at our lives and don't really feel guilty about our actions? Can there be teshuvah without guilt? We will see what Rambam has to say about the question and discuss how his ideas can help us shape our lives.



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Monday, August 27, 2018 - 7:00pm
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