How a tiny Country in the middle of the desert just saved the World

Posted on November 7th, 2016

Water is a basic need worldwide.

What is the solution to this issue? Perhaps it is a small country called Israel that is quietly becoming a water superpower.

What Israel has done can be exported to the entire world.

When did this start? All the way, back in the Bible, Jews were praying for rain for the Land of Israel.

The prayers are said till today in synagogues around the whole world.

Perhaps via the vehicle of water, Israel will be a light unto the Nations.

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Clone of How algae can power an energy 'revolution'

Posted on November 4th, 2016
by Zach Pontz, for FromtheGrapevine

New discovery could up clean energy production by 400%.

For years scientists have faced one major problem when it comes to developing alternative clean energy: Being able to produce it on a scale that would satisfy the needs of entire populations.

Algae, like you might find on the surface of a lake, is one of those alternative sources. These small aquatic organisms produce hydrogen that can fuel cars and industry, but it was believed that it only produces it in the course of a single microburst at dawn.

It was believed. That's because a team of researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel led by Dr. Iftach Yacoby, a recent post-doc grad at MIT, have discovered that algae produce hydrogen from photosynthesis all day long.

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