Kashrut Rules

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The synagogue kitchen is under the supervision of Rabbi Stephen Weiss. The mashgiach on-site is Dr. Rafi Simon. Kashrut guidelines are posted below. If you have questions, please contact Paula Botkin.

Kashrut Guidelines 
Wine & Alcohol
Additional Guidelines for Coffee, Tea and Other Liquids
List of Acceptable Hechshers and More Hechshers

All of the hechshers on the following website are acceptable:http://www.jewishrecipes.org/

Not all Kelloggs prodicts are kosher. They need a hechsher on the package. A plain K or KD is sufficient as there is verified supervision. 

Many (NOT ALL) Sweet Street Desserts products are kosher under the supervision of Rabbi Moshe Saks. Letter certifying kosher lists which products are kosher. All Sweet Streets Desserts are Kosher-Dairy EXCEPT the following which are NOT KOSHER:

  • Macaroons
  • European Individuals
  • Chewy Marshmallow Squares
  • Grand Cru Petit Fours
  • Premier Cru Petit Fours
  • Scones
  • Lemon Tart
  • Chocolate Marshmallow Bar
  • Petite Cream Puffs
  • Meltaways

*No Products are Kosher for Passover.

Kof-Q of Quality Kosher (found on Orlando, Nichols and Schwebel bread) are ACCEPTABLE. Please note that each package must bear the kashrut symbol; these bakeries have non-kosher breads as well. Additionally, we will accept wholesale deliveries of the following breads directly to the synagogue if the mashgicha is present to inspect the delivery: Ciabbata - large and small sizes, French Bread, baguettes.

Ice cream: Any packaged ice cream with a kosher symbol on our acceptable list is acceptable. Some Ben & Jerry's parlor ice cream is acceptable, but only those with the Kof-K and NOT hand-packed. They must be in a full sealed drum or sealed carton. All Mitchell's ice cream is kosher.

Fruit trays: As of November 13, 2008 trays of fresh cut fruit may be ordered from any Heinen's store and brought into our kitchen and used in our food service.

Pre-measured popcorn packets: County Harvest has OU-pareve pre-measured packets. 
Order at epopcorn.com (888.790.6070) or concessionequipment.net (877.870.7829)


1.  Pure fruit juice, fruit juice with pectin - no hechsher needed.

2.  Sugar and flour - no hechsher needed.

3.  Frozen vegetables - if pure, plain - no hechsher needed.  

Passover items always need a hechsher.